Let’s accept this fact – balloons are the life of the party! No matter how grand the party is, party balloons always form an integral part of the decor. But heading to a party and seeing balloons just hung or strewn around isn’t that exciting! So here we have some wacky balloon-based decor ideas that will blow your mind away! Read on:

Secret message holder:

Keep aside a tray of balloons which aren’t blown up. All your guests have to do is blow up the balloon and write a message on it and then release the air. Later, the person in whose celebration the party was conducted has to blow up all these balloons to see what secret messages their loved ones have left back for them!

Painted or Glittered balloons:

Why hang the plain balloons when you can get nice and creative with them? Blow up a balloon glue either the top half or bottom half in whatever pattern you wish to and dip them in glitter ( even sequins would do!) and then tie them up where you want to. You can also paint the balloons with powdered glitter paint that will give the balloons a different look altogether. Go in for contrast colours like white balloons with gold or silver glitter – they’ll look superb with your overall decor!

Table decor:

How about having a centrepiece that’s balloon-based? It sounds fun! Blow up the balloon and tie it down to a small pot of flowers – it will look like a cute little hot air balloon right in the middle of the table! Use a wooden basket (a weaved one looks just great!) and be prepared to listen to a shower of compliments pouring in from the guests!

Print balloons:

You can even have this as a game – get your guests to blow up the balloons and put at least four prints on each balloon without bursting them! Whoever does the highest number of balloons wins the game! Also, you’ll have a lot of balloons to spread around in your party too! These balloons look really cool, and you can make it even cooler by using prints related to the theme of the party. Watch how your guests scramble around for winning this one!

Have fun and play around with balloons – you’ll get a lot of ideas in on the top of your head to use them creatively!