Hosting a party has some clichéd rules which we all tend to follow. And one of those rules is that hosting a party in the evening is always better. Who said so?! What if you want to host the party in during the day, a breakfast party instead of the routine evening party? Here’s are a few ideas for a fantastic kid’s breakfast party:

Go healthy and organic:

You need not go in for the usual junk food you would otherwise opt for an evening party. Instead, you can go in for healthy fruit or vegetable based delicacies which are not only healthy but also taste great. Look out for such recipes which are favourites among kids and watch them gorge over the tasty food in this breakfast party!

Beverages are a must:

While you would love to bring to the kid’s table good ol’ breakfast essentials – orange juice or milk, you could spruce it up a bit with maybe a smoothie or a fruit juice of another fruit. Decorate the glasses so that the kids will not just the taste but the look of it too!

Morning themes:

Take a while to come up with a beautiful theme that’s purely morning based. You could bring in a floral theme, bird theme or even the sunny theme! All these nature base themes bring out the true essence of mornings and allowing the kids to bask in the morning glory.

Dress code:

Theme parties sometimes tend to get a bit overbearing. SO instead of asking the kids to dress up according to the theme, assign them a colour code. If your party is rainbow themed, let them dress up in rainbow colors. If the sonny sun is your theme, let them turn up in shades of yellow! This way, your party will be fun and flexible without being too overbearing.


Let the decor be as organic as possible – use fresh flowers, leaves and other natural items to create a decor that is simple yet beautiful. Plus, this kind of decor goes perfectly well with a breakfast party, so go ahead, use your creativity.


How about hanging those doughnuts to a string – so that the kids have to jump to eat it? Or how about a Red Riding Hood obstacle race out in the lawn? There are tonnes of unique ideas out there which you can bring into the games section of the party.