It’s summer and the bonny sun is shining over our heads. Gardens are filled with flowers and buzzing bees and butterflies. Well then, why not make use of this perfect setup and conduct a party right here? Here are a few tips to have an effortless outdoor summer party – read on!

Decide the location, date and time:

You need to have these in place before you can think of something else. So look out for a perfect location out there, or even better you could host a party right in your backyard! But be clear about the date and time – prefer a holiday, or pick off a day from the weekend and you should be good to go. Set out the invitations well in advance so that you have a proper turnout for the party.

Summer foods and drinks:

It’s hot out there – so make sure your menu complies with it! Bring in the cold summer specials – popsicles, ice-cream, fruit salads, chilled desserts and everything else you think goes well with the sweltering heat. You could even collaborate the menu with the theme – so that the party gets even more enjoyable. Use your creativity to come up with make-it-quick-and-easy food that’s delectable and loved by all at the same time!


Just because it’s an outdoor party isn’t enough of an excuse to not have proper decor. You can incorporate the elements in the decor and come up with decor items that are totally in sync with the theme. You can even go in for handmade decor to add a personal touch. Otherwise, you can also head for the ready to use decor items which come in a lot of varieties these days.

Seating arrangement:

Keep ample of the seating arrangement of all kinds – leave the guests free to occupy the seats they wish too. Keep chairs, bean bags, lawn mats strewn with cushions, banana hammocks (if you have trees) and lay around a few boxes and seats low and high to let your guests feel comfortable and at home.


No party is complete without games! Bring in the fun element by coming up with out of the box games! And yes, make sure you have something for all the age-groups present. And how about some interesting presents for the winners of the games? This will keep the spirit going and will have everyone participate and enjoy the games too.
Hope you have a fun party!