Ah! New Year’s Eve… what a time to have fun and rejoice; celebrating the fact that you have successfully gotten through another year and you’ve made it a priority to make resolutions for the next one. Well, you should surely throw an NYE party, but you have got to make sure that the budget doesn’t exceed your spending limit. Well, lucky for you you’ve come to the right place. I will list out some great money saving hacks and also some tips to throw an NYE party that your friends and family will remember for a long time.

I have some ideas for you, here they are:

–    Why don’t you make it a ‘bring a plate of appetizer’ affair? You can tell a few of your close friends or family to do this. That way you don’t spend any money on, and everyone will have multiple things to eat at your party. Raw veggies, fruit plate, dry fruits plate, cheese and cracker plate are some of the things they can get if they don’t know how to cook.

–    If you want to cut down on champagne costs, you can serve ‘champagne sangria’. It is an easy and delicious way to save some money. You will need a bottle of apple juice, cranberry juice concentrate, some orange juice and one and a half liters of champagne. Keep these items cool in a refrigerator until use. Mix all of the juices in a large bowl and stir them well. Add slices of whichever sweet fruit you’d like. And then when the guests arrive, add the champagne in the last minute to keep the bubbly fizz alive and stir again.

–    You should keep a Polaroid camera handy, with tons of replacement films available. Take pictures with everyone and take some candids as well.  Ask your guests if they would like the candid photos, most of them will be grateful to have some beautiful pictures. You can designate someone to take pictures since you, as the host would be busy.

–    Have your guests write up some confessions anonymously and put them in a bowl or a box, during or after dinner you can read them out, and you guys can try and guess who confessed what. Be sure to tell them to keep the confessions funny and light-hearted.

–    Hang some mistletoe around the house so that your guests will start their new year off with a kiss.

–    Set out scented candles and make the ambience unforgettable with some sweet music playing softly.

–    And of course for the 10-second countdown to New Years make sure there is a lot of room for everyone to stand together. Whoever is comfortable with it, can say a few inspirational words to kick off the New Year on a positive note with good vibes.