Would you like to know how to create your own fun filled kids table just like the one we designed for our Love JK contribution? Well you’re in luck because we have all the instructions right here! Not only will the kids have a fabulous time but it’s mess free too so you can relax and enjoy yourself as well.

The first thing to do when putting the table together is to make a tablecloth from kraft paper. We bought a roll from Officeworks and there was so much left over to use for wrapping gifts or craft activities for another time. Simply roll out the length you require and cut!

Mark out your place settings by drawing a square with a black marker and then next to each one write a list of important to-do’s for the kids to check off. You can change your list to suit your own family traditions.

Christmas Eve Party Children’s Table – Products available at Simply Sweet Soirees

We used disposable tableware with the exception of our vintage milk bottles to avoid any messy clean up and each child had one of our cute star jars filled with lollies to enjoy.

One of the biggest considerations when designing this table was to make it lots of fun without creating a huge mess. The kraft paper tablecloth could be turned into one great big colouring in sheet and we added pencils, little bitty bags filled with stickers and cute printed colouring sheets that we downloaded from Holiday Crafts and Creations.