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Tips For An Effortless Summer Outdoor Party

It’s summer and the bonny sun is shining over our heads. Gardens are filled with flowers and buzzing bees and butterflies. Well then, why not make use of this perfect setup and conduct a party right here? Here are a few tips to have an effortless outdoor summer party – read on!

Decide the location, date and time:

You need to have these in place before you can think of something else. So look out for a perfect location out there, or even better you could host a party right in your backyard! But be clear about the date and time – prefer a holiday, or pick off a day from the weekend and you should be good to go. Set out the invitations well in advance so that you have a proper turnout for the party.

Summer foods and drinks:

It’s hot out there – so make sure your menu complies with it! Bring in the cold summer specials – popsicles, ice-cream, fruit salads, chilled desserts and everything else you think goes well with the sweltering heat. You could even collaborate the menu with the theme – so that the party gets even more enjoyable. Use your creativity to come up with make-it-quick-and-easy food that’s delectable and loved by all at the same time!


Just because it’s an outdoor party isn’t enough of an excuse to not have proper decor. You can incorporate the elements in the decor and come up with decor items that are totally in sync with the theme. You can even go in for handmade decor to add a personal touch. Otherwise, you can also head for the ready to use decor items which come in a lot of varieties these days.

Seating arrangement:

Keep ample of the seating arrangement of all kinds – leave the guests free to occupy the seats they wish too. Keep chairs, bean bags, lawn mats strewn with cushions, banana hammocks (if you have trees) and lay around a few boxes and seats low and high to let your guests feel comfortable and at home.


No party is complete without games! Bring in the fun element by coming up with out of the box games! And yes, make sure you have something for all the age-groups present. And how about some interesting presents for the winners of the games? This will keep the spirit going and will have everyone participate and enjoy the games too.
Hope you have a fun party!

Great Ideas For A Kid’s Breakfast Party

Hosting a party has some clichéd rules which we all tend to follow. And one of those rules is that hosting a party in the evening is always better. Who said so?! What if you want to host the party in during the day, a breakfast party instead of the routine evening party? Here’s are a few ideas for a fantastic kid’s breakfast party:

Go healthy and organic:

You need not go in for the usual junk food you would otherwise opt for an evening party. Instead, you can go in for healthy fruit or vegetable based delicacies which are not only healthy but also taste great. Look out for such recipes which are favourites among kids and watch them gorge over the tasty food in this breakfast party!

Beverages are a must:

While you would love to bring to the kid’s table good ol’ breakfast essentials – orange juice or milk, you could spruce it up a bit with maybe a smoothie or a fruit juice of another fruit. Decorate the glasses so that the kids will not just the taste but the look of it too!

Morning themes:

Take a while to come up with a beautiful theme that’s purely morning based. You could bring in a floral theme, bird theme or even the sunny theme! All these nature base themes bring out the true essence of mornings and allowing the kids to bask in the morning glory.

Dress code:

Theme parties sometimes tend to get a bit overbearing. SO instead of asking the kids to dress up according to the theme, assign them a colour code. If your party is rainbow themed, let them dress up in rainbow colors. If the sonny sun is your theme, let them turn up in shades of yellow! This way, your party will be fun and flexible without being too overbearing.


Let the decor be as organic as possible – use fresh flowers, leaves and other natural items to create a decor that is simple yet beautiful. Plus, this kind of decor goes perfectly well with a breakfast party, so go ahead, use your creativity.


How about hanging those doughnuts to a string – so that the kids have to jump to eat it? Or how about a Red Riding Hood obstacle race out in the lawn? There are tonnes of unique ideas out there which you can bring into the games section of the party.

9 Easy Ways To Decorate For A Party

Tiny bunting and pretty white lights make a party feel special

Keeping it straightforward with white is additionally tasteful. Look down to perceive how powerful this look can be the point at which you include loads of hitting and lights.

Keep snacks simple but gorgeous and tasty

These kids birthday cakes were created by Susannah Ruth Bryan from Ruth and Dean Baked Goods and work flawlessly with space. They are straightforward and exquisite. With espresso, tea and champagne, you needn’t bother with considerably more to fulfil a gathering of companions on the off chance that they’ve just eaten or if it’s a mid-evening occasion – cake dependably satisfies individuals.

Carnations in glass jars and bottles

The way to making this work is to stick to one shading and to gather them.

Mix in the wood when you’re working in a mostly white space

Jumbling seats is always decent. The critical styling trap here is to keep the most rule ones the equivalent (for this situation, the wooden seats) and afterwards the less overwhelm (white) would all be able to appear as something else.

Group paper lanterns together to make a focal point

They additionally look like inflatables yet last significantly more so you can utilise them for different gatherings. Such a pretty corner!

Large wooden beads in glass cylinder vases

A gathering in an odd number (3) with globules at various dimensions looks retty and is straightforward. Another tip is that on the off chance that you don’t have an expansive painting on the divider and you wish you opted, for something simpler – hang a confined notice, macrame or a wonderful gathering of rousing photographs in an inclination board style.

Add wooden beads to ends of the ribbon to make a beautiful wall decor

This is simple, fun, and can be utilised for different ventures later on. Presently how about we take a gander at the room after the sun went down and the room was a-buzz with inventive ladies sharing their accounts and Leslie driving the exchange on the point of innovativeness.

Style flowers simply

Here and there we think we have to try really hard to style the ideal course of action. You truly don’t! The styling trap with blooms is to utilise strong vessels that cooperate and after that blossoms assembled by sort. Anybody can orchestrate blossoms this way – it’s actually simple. Styling tip: Clean off leaves that will appear underneath the water line.

Add fresh greenery

Plants are a major pattern at present however we’re trusting that, in contrast to the 1970s, plants stick around this time. When you include a plant or for this situation, a monster earthenware vase loaded up with Eucalyptus leaves, you’ve right away added freshness and life to space, making it feel less clinical while as yet feeling the unadulterated and present day.

Some Tips To Throw A Great New Year’s Eve Party

Ah! New Year’s Eve… what a time to have fun and rejoice; celebrating the fact that you have successfully gotten through another year and you’ve made it a priority to make resolutions for the next one. Well, you should surely throw an NYE party, but you have got to make sure that the budget doesn’t exceed your spending limit. Well, lucky for you you’ve come to the right place. I will list out some great money saving hacks and also some tips to throw an NYE party that your friends and family will remember for a long time.

I have some ideas for you, here they are:

–    Why don’t you make it a ‘bring a plate of appetizer’ affair? You can tell a few of your close friends or family to do this. That way you don’t spend any money on, and everyone will have multiple things to eat at your party. Raw veggies, fruit plate, dry fruits plate, cheese and cracker plate are some of the things they can get if they don’t know how to cook.

–    If you want to cut down on champagne costs, you can serve ‘champagne sangria’. It is an easy and delicious way to save some money. You will need a bottle of apple juice, cranberry juice concentrate, some orange juice and one and a half liters of champagne. Keep these items cool in a refrigerator until use. Mix all of the juices in a large bowl and stir them well. Add slices of whichever sweet fruit you’d like. And then when the guests arrive, add the champagne in the last minute to keep the bubbly fizz alive and stir again.

–    You should keep a Polaroid camera handy, with tons of replacement films available. Take pictures with everyone and take some candids as well.  Ask your guests if they would like the candid photos, most of them will be grateful to have some beautiful pictures. You can designate someone to take pictures since you, as the host would be busy.

–    Have your guests write up some confessions anonymously and put them in a bowl or a box, during or after dinner you can read them out, and you guys can try and guess who confessed what. Be sure to tell them to keep the confessions funny and light-hearted.

–    Hang some mistletoe around the house so that your guests will start their new year off with a kiss.

–    Set out scented candles and make the ambience unforgettable with some sweet music playing softly.

–    And of course for the 10-second countdown to New Years make sure there is a lot of room for everyone to stand together. Whoever is comfortable with it, can say a few inspirational words to kick off the New Year on a positive note with good vibes.


12 Festive Ways To Decorate With Streamers

Make a colourful background

This is to guarantee you that it is fantastically simple to make a bright background. It is likewise very shoddy as streamers barely cost anything much. The result of the exertion will rely upon how well you stir up hues and match party topics.

Fold them over flame votives

This technique for using streamers is enormously compelling as a way to update straightforward flame votives, and the ombre impact made on these specific ones is beautiful.

Make a window ornament

Streamers are an excellent shoddy option for window ornaments. You can utilise countless assembles to help divide a substantial room. It can likewise be used to outline an entryway or a window.

Make a tablecloth

This is such a nice thought that in a split second add a fly of shading to your generally exhausting table and furthermore fills the need. Again you can change the hues to suit any subject or even copy banner hues (for example blue, red and white).

Tie them on the back of seats

Binds streamers to the backs of seats is an extraordinary thought as it helps to upgrade the feel of even the most straightforward of places and draw out the gathering state of mind and make things energising.

Transform them into decoration wreaths

Everybody cherishes beautifying sustenance/drinks tables with decoration wreaths however now and again it very well may be elusive ones that coordinate the shading plan, are the correct size and don’t cost the earth. In this way, including streamers as decorations is the ideal DIY arrangement!

Make accordion streamers

What’s far better than streamers? Accordion streamers. While streamers are fantastic alone, transforming them into accordion adaptations of themselves makes a different tasteful.

Make an overhang

While marginally additional tedious, this covering is in reality entirely simple to accomplish. The mystery? A hula band! You could likewise put inflatables at the focal point of the coating for an additional wow factor.

Transform them into ceiling fixtures

This is fundamentally the same as the thought above except for that as opposed to weaving the streamers through the room, you have given them a chance to hang off your hula circle or wire ring.

Make a table skirt

Even though as a rule people utilise an all-encompassing form of a table material to manage for a table skirt, it is in every case a lot more brilliant and more refreshing to use bright streamers to take care of business.

Make crepe paper confetti

Make a fast clump of handcrafted confetti by just punching openings into crepe paper streamers. You could likewise cut them into various sizes.

Make a paper rosette

This requires a touch of time just as a paste firearm and styrofoam ball. Be that as it may, it’s such a pretty venture. These eventual is particularly flawless to brighten a Mother’s Day simple breakfast or a child shower.

Amazing And Unique Return Gift Idea For Kids

Parties are incomplete without return gifts – and especially when it’s kids party, you cannot let those naughty angels off without gifting them something right? And why gift them something boring when there are tonnes of interesting options out there? Here’s a list of interesting stuff which you can give back those kids as a token of your gratitude:

Customised badges:

How about those cool badges which the kids love flaunting their favourite badges on their bags, sweatshirts and pouches! But to spruce it up a bit, you can get the badges customised! You can get the name of every child with a superhero or a cartoon –or any other idea which you can think of. The kids will love these badges and will also love you for the effort you put in!

Superhero/cartoon cushions:

Cushions with superhero or cartoon characters printed on them will be a hit among the little ones. Not only will they love the gifts, but these cushions will also find a prime location in their bedrooms! Get these cushions printed in bright colours and see the happy faces of the kids when they receive these cushions.

Stationery set:

A stationery set will never go out of fashion, and if you’re running out of options and budget, this one’s always the best bet. Get a combined set of pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners and anything else you would want to add in it.

Personal mugs/stationery holder:

Colourful mugs with the names of kids printed on them – how cool is that? And to make it even better, you could go in for short yet motivational and inspirational quotes to be oriented along with the names.

Writing pads:

Every child requires this! It’s a must during exams, drawing practice and also for a lot of other things, Get these in bright colours with kid-favourite cartoons and other characters and let the kids choose what they want! The best part about this gift is that it won’t ever go waste and will be of use any day.

Wooden photo frames:

Cute little wooden frames are definitely something the kids will love! You can even get these frames customised – with the names of individual kids on it. The kids will be really happy to push in photos they love the most into these little frames.

Just keep in mind that the return gifts should be kid-friendly and something that they would keep requiring in their everyday life.


Tiny Balloons – The next big thing in party decorations!

One of our favourite recent additions to the shop would have to be our tiny 12cm balloons. They’re just so cute!! With a fantastic range of colours available we think they might just be the next big thing in party decorations! Use them to create the cutest cake topper, as table decoration or for photo props. Available now in packs of 10 these delightful little balloons can be filled with air or helium to really wow your guests! Here are some gorgeous ways you can use them at your next event.

Christmas Eve Party By Simply Sweet Soirees

We were absolutely thrilled to be invited to contribute to Love JK‘s Christmas magazine. The brief was to design a table for children that was fun and engaging so we created a mess and worry free setting with loads of fun activities. In addition to this we added a Reindeer Food Bar and a gorgeous dessert table filled with delicious treats.

We were incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity of working with some other super talented vendors for this photo shoot. Fields and Skies Photography, Kate’s Cookies and Cupcakes by Caela were a dream team and made the whole experience so much fun for us. Find these fabulous businesses on our vendor directory.

DIY Children’s Christmas Table

Would you like to know how to create your own fun filled kids table just like the one we designed for our Love JK contribution? Well you’re in luck because we have all the instructions right here! Not only will the kids have a fabulous time but it’s mess free too so you can relax and enjoy yourself as well.

The first thing to do when putting the table together is to make a tablecloth from kraft paper. We bought a roll from Officeworks and there was so much left over to use for wrapping gifts or craft activities for another time. Simply roll out the length you require and cut!

Mark out your place settings by drawing a square with a black marker and then next to each one write a list of important to-do’s for the kids to check off. You can change your list to suit your own family traditions.

Christmas Eve Party Children’s Table – Products available at Simply Sweet Soirees

We used disposable tableware with the exception of our vintage milk bottles to avoid any messy clean up and each child had one of our cute star jars filled with lollies to enjoy.

One of the biggest considerations when designing this table was to make it lots of fun without creating a huge mess. The kraft paper tablecloth could be turned into one great big colouring in sheet and we added pencils, little bitty bags filled with stickers and cute printed colouring sheets that we downloaded from Holiday Crafts and Creations.


Gorgeous Mix And Match Party Themes

The canapés shouldn’t be the only thing at your party with great taste! At Simply Sweet Soirees, we provide beautifully coordinated party supplies that are bang on trend, from our pastel polkadot cupcake papers to our elegant vintage glassware. Use our gorgeous mix and match party themes to get your creative juices flowing, then sprinkle a little sugar on top with delicious personal touches. Swap the usual kids party bags for treasure filled apothecary jars, or store your wedding bonbonniere in a funky hessian box. And we can’t think of a single occasion that isn’t improved by stripy paper milkshake straws! Choose Simply Sweet Soirees for a modern spin on retro chic event décor and watch your guests lick their lips.

We save you time and money by stocking a complete range of party accessories in one exclusive online boutique. Choose delightful paper plates with matching napkins, cake stands, bunting, stationery and more to take your favourite, fabulous party theme from the first invitation to the last balloon carried excitedly out the door.

Glamorous Gold Wedding Inspiration

A glamorous gold wedding is both elegant and timeless and is perfect to warm up a winter soiree while adding an opulence that guests won’t forget. Add touches of glittered style or go all out with gold decadence pervading every element of your special day. From gowns to stationery, decorations to delicious desserts there are so many gorgeous ways to incorporate this stunning colour scheme regardless of your wedding day budget. There are many DIY projects you can create at small expense to make a big impact.

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